AALBORG WHITE® is an increasingly favorable material for architects and structural engineers. The excellent cement properties allow it to have a wealth of application possibilities in both commercial and residential buildings.

Only the imagination and the practical limitations on moulds and formwork, constrain the possibilities. White cement is commonly used for building structural components such as walls, slabs, columns and beams, or to manufacture functional elements of high-strength façade claddings, balconies, stairs, rain-screens, terrazzo floors, and even for ornamental usages mainly wall stucco, concrete furniture and tiles. AALBORG WHITE® cement based concrete elements obtain very high potential strength, extremely appealing appearance and high durability, due to its high strength, whiteness and chemical purity.

The high chemical purity of AALBORG WHITE® makes the cement highly suitable for rapidly growing technologies, such as ultra-high performance concrete, glassfibre reinforced concrete and 3D printing which form the foundation for architects and designers to explore new solutions and applications to meet the magetrends of the modern society. AALBORG WHITE® is the perfect material to build the future.


Residence Lighthouse Corner in Nieuwpoort, Belgium | UHPC Slats

Shanghai Jiading District Archives | GRC Claddings

Shanghai West Bund Orbit by Heatherwick studio | Aalborg White Based GRC Cladding


Lehigh White Portland Cement

Aalborg White® CEM I 52,5 R - SR 5 (Made in Denmark)

Aalborg White (FR) CEM I 52.5 R (Made in Denmark)