Special applications include some unique traditional or innovative technologies, and there is no specific category of technologies.


Cement bonded wood wool boards

Cement wood wool board is made of white cement as cementitious material, wood wool as fiber reinforcing material and additives normally by cold compression method. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, heat resistance and easy processing. Board is lightweight and thin, integrating functionality and aesthetics attributed to the high whiteness and strength of AALBORG WHITE®. Suitable for interior walls and ceilings, with sound and heat insulation function.

Cast in-situ terrazzo

Cast in-situ terrazzo has a long history and is a traditional floor treatment process. AALBORG WHITE® is a terrific cement for cast in-situ terrazzo technology. The hard-wearing properties of terrazzo are enhanced by the exceptionally high strengths of AALBORG WHITE®. The cement’s high reflection allows the production of very white terrazzo when combined with light aggregate. Add pigments and you can create exciting patterns in very bright, clear colours made possible thanks to the superior whiteness of AALBORG WHITE®.


Private House In-Situ-Terrazzo Floor & Stair

3D Printing Rely Bench in the New York Design Pavilion

Wework United Office in China | Precast terrazzo


Aalborg White® CEM I 52,5 R - SR 5 (Made in Denmark)