Cast-in-situ Venetian terrazzo florring is an old technique that originated in the 1800 in the region of Venice. Today installer Karel De Vuyst still uses this tranditional technology but with modern materials and machines. The binding agent is always Aalborg White cement by adding Italian marble and natural pigment. The layer is mixed and installed on site and after hardening and drying of the layer, it is grinded and polished on site which gives a unique and high end finish to the floor.

Renovation of a house from early 1900. The floor installed needed to be "old" style, like it was the original floor. 4 different patterns terrazzo was installed, in combination with several types of mosaic. The traditional style of cast-in-situ terrazzo floor allows for the use of a variety of colors and designs, creating a one-of-a-kind finish that can be used to match any existing style or décor. 



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Building / Residential Ornamental


Special applications / Cast in-situ terrazzo (SPA)


Cast-in-situ terrazzo floor