The Energy and waste industry are special industries for AALBORG WHITE®, exploring and performing its functionality, especially as our rapidly increasing demand for green energy will replace fossil fuel based energy sources.

The ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) used presently for joint-filing of windmill towers, and even studied to replace the traditional steel tower for onshore and offshore wind power generation in a near future, will certainly find increasing number of applications.

Excellent UHPC properties allow for the production of components to be slender and lower in weight, outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance, and simple and fast to install, and dismantle whilst guaranteeing a long service life against weathering action. Hydropower, rain water and sewage systems, water retention, and other fields can be explored with the unique properties of AALBORG WHITE® cement in ultra-high performing concrete components.


Chongqing Incineration Power Plant NO.3 | GRC Cladding