AALBORG WHITE © cement gives you the opportunity to choose among all the colours of the spectrum when producing your concrete or dry mix.

AALBORG WHITE © cement is the base colour. Read on and learn about the process.

  • White concrete is obtained by mixing AALBORG WHITE © cement with pure, light sand and white aggregates like white granite, white marble or crushed calcined flint.
  • Light grey concrete is obtained by mixing with ordinary aggregates or with grey Portland cement.
  • Coloured concrete is obtained by mixing with pigments.

AALBORG WHITE © cement is often used in white or coloured dry mix for facings. This gives a vivid facing that protects the masonry and satisfies the aesthetic sense of the observer.

AALBORG WHITE © cement is also perfect in concrete for panels, balconies, cornices, ornaments, paving stones and flags, sculptures, in terrazzo, for swimming pools and in light pointing mortar.

The light-reflecting properties of AALBORG WHITE © cement provide traffic with additional safety when you produce kerbs, road-markings, medium barriers, tunnel linings and tunnel ramps.