Aalborg Inwhite Solution: Our Products


Premixed Ultra High-Performance Concrete is designed to be combined with steel fibres for the manufacturing of thin/slim concrete products with high aesthetic, mechanical and durability performance. 

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Premixed Ultra High-Performance Concrete is designed to be used with organic fibres for the manufacturing of thin/slim concrete products with high aesthetic, mechanical and durability performance. 

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AALBORG EXPLORE® 3D Concrete Printing
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AALBORG INBIND® Binder for High-Performance Concrete & Mortar

White cementitious binder to be used in mortar and concrete recipes for high performance and highly aesthetical applications. 


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AALBORG RECOVERTM Premixed Ultra High-Performance Concrete for Bridge Overlay

Cast in place Ultra High-Performance Concrete intended to be used as overlay of bridges. 

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Aalborg Inwhite Solution®

Cementir Group established a global innovation engine for white cement, InWhite, with the purpose of generating a prioritized and actionable pipeline of high potential customer value proposition global initiatives, bringing new solutions for well-known applications, or completely new applications for white cement based products, aligned to megatrends detected in the society, such as customization, circular economy and high-energy efficient solutions.

The InWhite process benefits from the Group’s global knowledge on both well-established and emerging applications for white cement and technical knowhow of its internationally acclaimed R&D center located at Aalborg, Denmark.

AALBORG INWHITE SOLUTION® has become the umbrella brand for commercialized high value adding and high-performing products like UHPC, 3D Concrete Printing and among the others, identified and developed under InWhite initiatives, that Cementir Holding will serve to the building industry.

Think Global, Act Local

As a global leading player in White Cement with production facilities and commercial subsidiary strategically located in four continents, we support our local partners by providing high-performance product, value-adding services, extensive technical support, and potential cooperation in (co)developing new applications using Aalborg White® cement.


Global Expertise Innovation

Aalborg InWhite Solution® for White Cement Application established with the purpose of generating the most sustainable, cost-effective solutions in construction and building material.

White Cement Competence Center (WCCC) serves as knowledge and emerging technology center for the global activities and customer supports by developing new White Cement applications.

Annual WCCC workshop gathers all “White Marketers” in all Regions for sharing best practices and in-house training in applications, technology and innovation.

Local practice

We listen to the “Voice of Customer” in local markets, understand in-depth of local market needs and have a close relationships with local partners.

Our innovation team, together with our experts and scientists of R&D Center in Aalborg, Denmark offer product technical supports and market-specific product and application trainings to local customers and stakeholders in all regions.