Use clean water e.g. tap water.


The aggregates have a major effect on the appearance of the finished concrete surface. The aggregates should therefore be selected, stored and used in an appropriate way so as to meet the aesthetic demands to the finished concrete surface.

The mix of the aggregates should be kept as constant as possible in order to avoid differences in shade of the finished concrete surface.


All admixtures should be colourless to avoid discoloration of the white or light concrete.

Air entraining agents are known to reduce the tendency of efflorescence. Such admixtures that act upon the setting and hardening should also be used in accordance with usual guidelines. To ensure the requested white colour it is recommended always to make trial mixes.

Constructions and casting

The constructions should be of a design that is suitable for repelling pollution from percolating water and dirt.

Particular care must be exercised in the choice of basic materials, casting materials, mixing and casting processes, curing, and finishing.

From Cement to Mortar

AALBORG WHITE cement is often used as binder in various types of mortar and together with lime in a lime-cement mortar. Tools used for mixing the mortar should be stainless in order to preserve the white colour.