AALBORG WHITE® based concrete elements and premixed mortars have huge potential application possibilities in the industry and agriculture fields when considering the unity of functionality and aesthetics.

Self-levelling, high abrasion and chemical resistant floors made with white cement is one of the very common applications in factories, warehouses or garages, it offers excellent fireproof, waterproof and anti-crack properties to satisfy the special production environment.

AALBORG WHITE® is further used for cost saving by applying high abrasion resistant ultra-high performance shotcrete to protect and prolong the service life of industrial installations against wear.


Frederiksberg Heat Supply Plant

Østerby Water Works

Shilien Chemical Plant in China | Cast-In-Place White Concrete


Aalborg White® CEM I 52,5 R - SR 5 (Made in Denmark)

Aalborg White (FR) CEM I 52.5 R (Made in Denmark)