When it comes to traffic, safety is proportional to visibility. Visibility is traditionally ensured by reflectivity of road components.

Visibility is traditionally ensured by reflectivity of road components. AALBORG WHITE® based infrastructure components offer higher reflectivity than conventional gray-cement concrete. White concrete safety barriers, sound barriers, road markings and kerbs and lining segments, are widely applied in the Road, Tunneling, Rail and Airports industries, significantly increasing the traffic safety in our cities and roads, by adding high reflection, visible components of white cement.

Over the last decade, following the rapidly growing global trend towards applying ultra-high performance concrete to key infrastructure components such as bridges, tunnels and airport pavements, in order to maximize abrasion and durability and minimize maintenance costs over its service life, AALBORG WHITE® is further growing its application, by being the preferred cement in ultra-high performance concrete formulations, due to its chemical purity, high affinity towards admixtures and excellent strength.


Extreme UHPC / UHSB Pedestrian Bridge

Railway station Mechelen-phase I Precast concrete façades, benches and wall copings

Swissport Handling and Office Building of Brussels Airport- UHPC Structural Fence


Aalborg White® CEM I 52,5 R - SR 5 (Made in Denmark)

Aalborg White (FR) CEM I 52.5 R (Made in Denmark)

Aalborg White® P.W.52.5 (Made in China)