Sustainable development

Cementir regards sustainable growth as both a responsibility and a requirement for continuing to work in the cement industry. Our business model must strike the right balance between the creation of economic value, the protection and conservation of the environment and a sense of responsibility towards people and communities.

Group has identified 4 pillars that represent the benchmark principles that have inspired the company's defined sustainability strategy.

Cementir Four Pillars On Sustainability

What we do

Alternative Fuel in the Cement Production

16.8% alternative fuel used for thermal energy production in place of non-renewable fossil fuels.

Green Cement Innovation

FutureCem® developed by Cementir's R&D center in Aalborg, Denmark cuts more than 30% CO2 emission during the cement production.

it is also a sustainable binder technology further developed by Cementir Innovation team together with R&D center for UHPC (Ultra High-Performance Concrete) application.

Sustainable and Safety Plant

In Europe, Cementir’s Plant in Aalborg, Denmark achieves District Heating covering 22% of the heat consumption in Aalborg, Denmark. District Cooling for Aalborg Hospital via Plant Rørdal chalk lake. Expected electricity savings of 80%, and annual CO2 savings of 500-700 tons

In China, Cementir Anqing plant is compliance with EHS laws and regulations in China. Plant's pollution emissions are strictly controlled to be far below the national emission standard. Shaping the cleanest and safest cement plant is regarded as one of the company missions. Responding to the Government’s call for sustainable society, Anqing plant's green quarry project is undergoing.

In MEA region, Cementir’s Egypt plant implemented an environmental reporting system and participated in the online environmental monitoring system allowing the central authorities to supervise plant operation and emissions.

Footprint in Social Responsibility

In China, Cementir's Anqing plant is commitment to community care and social responsibility. Anqing plant sponsored its nearby beautiful village construction project, actively joined in "honor the aged" social activities and sponsored the low income students for more than 10 years.

In MEA region, Sinai plant is dedicated to create value for local communities. Supporting local economic development, creating employment opportunities for residents, improving university infrastructure and educational level, and supporting authorities in offering better living standard and public security of desert residents.