White Portland Cement

Product details

  • Lehigh White Portland® Cements conform to the ASTM and AASHTO Standard Specifications.
  • Supplying all of North America
  • Two white cement manufacturing facilities; York, Pennsylvania and Waco, Texas
  • Over 30 distribution sites; bulk and package terminals and import facilities
  • Most complete line of white cement product in North America


  • High Whiteness
  • High Strength
  • High Early strength
  • High Consistency in quality
  • Low Alkali

Type I, Normal

General purpose uses in precast and cast-in-place architectural and structural concrete, pavements/floors and most concrete products.

Type III, High Early Strength

Ideal for precast architectural concrete, concrete masonry, cold weather construction or any application requiring early strength development.

Type II /V Sulfate Resistant/Low Heat of Hydration

Specified when concrete will be exposed to seawater, soils and groundwater with elevated sulfate content or projects in which heat of hydration is a concern, such as dams and bridge supports.