GREEN HAVEN, an exclusive collection of freehold service apartments project in Iskandar Malaysia, is a joint venture development between Welton Development Sdn Bhd and Singapore companies. It is located within the Permas Jaya township, comprising of a total 1,134units, the three magnificent Towers of Erythrina, Cattley and Laurels, connected by breathtaking sky bridges.

A sight to behold, White wall finishes on the apartments internal wall applying SCI Mortar White 853 for base coat and finishes with SCI Plaster White 855 in total 1,019sqm per unit at the 46storey Laurels Tower.

The slab soffit being internal ceiling of the apartment unit applying SCI One Coat Plaster White 858.The entire tower application was completed by Soonta Enterprise with smooth practical completion handover.

A beautiful completion without return for any defect was the word of mouth by the applicator. No doubt that the workability and quality of Aalborg White renders, the value proposition of white rendering have always been the popular question asked despite covered by the finishing layers.


SCI’s range of dry ready mixed mortar and plaster is a blend of White Aalborg Cement 52.5N, specially graded silica sand, limestone and chemical additives suitable for both internal and external plastering work.

All the ingredients are pre-mixed in the factory ensuring consistent quality. Pre-bagged products are convenient to handle with good workability. Just by adding water, mixing thoroughly, the material is ready for use.

SCI’s range of White dry ready mixed mortar and plaster, have been chosen for its far superior quality and excellent white finishing which enhances the paint finishes. The ease of handling with palletized pre-packed packaging is convenient at site for material planning, reducing wastages, hence also reducing labor intensity at project sites. The application can be manually troweled or fast tracking it with mechanical spray-on method.



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Building / Residential Structural


Dry-mix mortars (DMM) / Technical products (skim coat, self-levelling screed, etc)


interior wall and ceiling




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