Applications and inspiration


Beauty that Stands the Test of Time
– Durable Terrazzo Based on AALBORG WHITE

An ancient technique with a modern appeal. It has been known for centuries. It still applies: Terrazzo is a terrific product and AALBORG WHITE is a terrific cement for
making terrazzo.

Download here - or read as iPaper

Download "inspiration_durable_terrazzo.pdf"
Light up the City
with Products Based on AALBORG WHITE

Take a Walk on the White Side. Concrete is practical in towns and cities, but we need colours around us. Play with the colours.

Download "inspiration_light_up_the_city.pdf"
– Enhance the Beauty of Your Building with AALBORG WHITE

Mortars are used in a wide range of applications, and
when aesthetic appeal is a priority, AALBORG WHITE is often included in the formulation.

Download "inspiration_mortars.pdf"
Structural Concrete
Brilliant Sophistication with AALBORG WHITE

Sophisticated, brightly coloured concrete structures with concrete panels or in situ cast structures.

Download "inspiration_structural_concrete.pdf"
The Individual Touch

Seeing the possibilities – and exploiting them – is what it's all about! AALBORG WHITE is white cement simply
made for thinking creatively in concrete, mortar and paint.

Download "individual_touch_new_version.pdf"
Download "inspiration_die_individuelle_note_de.pdf"
[German version] 
Download "world_cement_a_global_approach.pdf"
White cement is regarded as a high-end and value-adding  product, and its use varies from applications with aesthetic requirements to those with structural ones, for both renovation (decoration, repairs, and maintenance work) and new build.
Download "aalborg_white_to_enhance_grc_uses.pdf"
White Cement has been representing a niche in the global cement market, with approx. 18 mils. ton current yearly consumption, accounting for less than 1% of the total cement used.
Download "global_innovation_local_application.pdf"
As the world's leading producer and exporter of white cement, Cementir Group has set up an innovation programme to help encourage new solutions for the use of white cement based products, and promote their aesthetic and structural properties in the Asia-Pacific region.
Download "shaping_the_future_inwhite.pdf"
Representing a niche in global cement consumption and production, white cement offers several benefits to its users. To extend the scope of these and bring them in line with society's need to create sustainable built environments going forward, Cementir has launched InWhite, its white cement innovation engine.
Download "int_culture_art_center_china.pdf"
The 115,000 m2 international culture and arts center, located in the heart of Changsha City, Hunan province of China, was completed with its 53,262 m2 Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) façade panels at the end of Aug.2017. AALBORG WHITE was the exclusively specified White Cement product for this civic architecture, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.
Download "superlofts_block_y_precast_concrete.pdf"
White concrete: if it really has to be white. Concrete company Vlassak made a crucial contribution to the concrete grid of Blok Y in Utrecht. A slender model with columns and beams of white concrete. Nicely dense, aesthetic, smooth and with a tight pattern thanks to Aalborg White Cement.
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