AALBORG EXTREME® LIGHT120 is a shrinkage reduced, ready-to-use, self-compacting Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) for the manufacturing of thin/slim concrete products with high aesthetic, mechanical and durability performance. Binder, admixtures and aggregates are included, only water should be added during mixing. 

After mixing with water, the product results in a white base coloured High-Performance Concrete for personal tailorization in terms of pigments. Due to its high flowability, fibres can be added to adjust mechanical properties, whilst still maintaining self-compacting properties.

AALBORG WHITE® is the cement used in AALBORG EXTREME® Light 120. This cement is neutral in terms of meeting the EU requirements for a maximum soluble chromium (VI) in cement of 2 mg/kg with no time limits on storage time.

Main applications

  • Light weight high strength panels: façades, cladding, sun-screens, ornamental elements.
  • Artistic and ornamental elements made in concrete.
  • Wet cast tiles.
  • Gardening / street architectural elements.


  • Workability: self-compacting properties and long flow retention.
  • Strength: high early and final strength 
  • Predictable and reliable performance: balanced chemistry for controlled workability and hydration
  • Shrinkage reduced: minimizes the risk of cracks.
  • Highly durable: even when exposed to harsh environment. 
  • Color performance: high whiteness ideal for architectural and ornamental elements


For technical matters related to the product, please address your request to: inwhitesolution@cementirholding.it
For commercial inquiries, please contact sales in your region: https://www.aalborgwhite.com/aalborg-white-world/our-team



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