SUYAB Courtyard is a unique living space that combines tea, food, residence, and lodging. More than just a beautiful courtyard, it represents a brand that is dedicated to researching, selecting, and combining the beauty of life. The design of the space aims to showcase the aesthetics of life and the beauty of nature, embodying the concept of "SUYAB HALL".

The space is designed to reflect traditional Chinese culture and charm, with primary colored wood and stone paving, handmade retro encaustic cement tiles from Nanchow, and traditional color-making techniques that pay homage to history and tradition. Through a combination of tile and ancient roots, geometric volume of the reception, and other elements, the space achieves a harmonious balance. The Oriental temperament is subtly woven into the process, material, and color matching, revealing the texture of modern life in the context of Oriental aesthetics.

White cement tiles are a unique type of decorative material for buildings that are made by hand using white cement, sand, and mineral pigment to create special patterns and colors. Unlike ceramic tiles, these tiles are handmade with grouting and hydraulic pressure instead of fire, and their 3-5 mm thickness ensures they remain durable over time. With the added bonus of white cement's glossy finish after prolonged use and maintenance, these tiles are a great choice for any project.



Completion Year



Building / Commercial Ornamental


Pavings and masonry products / Tiles


Project area: 130 sqm


Nanchow Cement Tile


Sui Yue Design

Cement Tile


Nanchou Cement Tile

How are Cement Tiles made?

The beautiful tiles are crafted with traditional techniques combined with modern technology

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