SKY PARK is Zaha Hadid Architects's eye-catching high-rise project in Bratislava of Slovakia. The project really highlights the use of BB fiberbeton's GRC as a unique versatile building material, you can mold and bend as you desire. The qualities – together with the lightweight nature of GRC and its sustainability and durability characteristics – works really well on the three towers with more than 13,500 square meters of stunning GRC facade elements. The elements for SKY PARK are stud-frame elements. A stud frame element allows easy handling through all stages of construction: on-site; on the production line; during demoulding; quality control; and transportation. Therefore, a really good and safe solution.

BB fiberbeton prefers Aalborg White cement for their GRC production due to its color consistency and chemical properties. High quality white cement is a key parameter for precaster to achieve the specific color and surface finish. BB fiberbeton works with a lot of different surfaces and Aalborg White cement is a good starting point.

Due to the durability, the low weight (caused by the fact that GRC uses as building skin is very thin) and the relative low energy production, GRC is a very “green” material. In some aspects, especially on high-rise buildings, the savings on the total weight of the façade provides savings on the foundation, which typically consumes a lot of energy to produce. GRC as building skin is made to measure, and the no-on-site-cutting ensures that there is no waste of GRC on site.



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