The Islamic Cultural Center Egypt in the New Administrative Capital is located at the heart of the Governmental District, composing of Misr Mosque ( one of the World's largest Mosques), 2 minarets with 140m higher above the upper courtyard, east & west hall buildings mediated by Islamic dome , east & west service building and commercial culture center. All GRC architectural elements for dome and minarets decoration were made with CEM I 52,5 N white cement produced at Sinai White Cement plant.

Misr Mosque covers an area of 19100m2 and has 3 entries topped with GRC Islamic domes in addition to a fourth services entry. The mosque nave is 9600m2 mediated by an Islamic dome with a diameter of 29.5m and accommodates 12000 worshippers. Each hall is topped by an Islamic dome and the mosque has different service spaces. There are 40,000 prayers in the upper courtyard, 55,000 prayers in the lower courtyard with total number 107.000 prayers. 



Completion Year



Building / Commercial Structural


Precast concrete / Glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC)


GRC dome, minaret and decorative elements


Oriental Egypt


The Arab Contractors