The office building Hyllie Terrass in Malmö was developed by SKANSKA, with precast and steel structures produced by UPB Group. This remarkable structure combines sustainability with stunning design elements, creating a harmonious blend of beauty and environmental consciousness. This 12-story office complex is Skanska's first-ever carbon-neutral building, and it's part of a pilot study conducted by the Sweden Green Building Council for NollCO2 certification.

To achieve a bright white surface for the façade, a unique recipe was developed. Aalborg White Portland cement, Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) pigment, and white silica fume were used as additives. The façade was designed using a Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) approach, which ensured that only three types of modules were used. These modules consisted of flat vertical and horizontal grids, one window, exterior sills, and a recessed ribbed pattern that is 125mm deep.

The building's overall visual character is enhanced by the interplay of light and shadow. The white façade stands out in contrast to the green facades on upper floors, creating a striking effect.



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Building / Commercial Structural


Precast concrete / Concrete elements (PRE/CE)


White precast concrete cladding


UPB Group


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