The project is located in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, completed in December 2017, belongs to the government commercial hotel, the exterior wall painting area of about 30,000 square meters, the white color stucco was chosen for external wall with spraying process to create a profound cultural backgroud. With the special formulation, white stucco is an ideal building material of external wall to meet the extreme climate conditions including high weatherability, salt resistance, UV resistance, non- fading, non-alkali, anti-fouling and material life could reach 50 years.



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Dry-mix mortars (DMM) / Finish & masonry mortar


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Aalborg White ® in Stucco Application

Colouring with Pigments

Bright, rich colours are achieved by combining AALBORG WHITE® with colouring pigments. Colouring is usually achieved with synthetically produced in-organic pigments, which are lime-proof, alkali-resistant, weather resistant, and non-fading.

Surface Texture

Plaster and stucco can be applied by machine spraying or by hand troweling, as single or multiple coatings and the surface texture finishing can be designed as smooth or coarse in different textures like float, dash, lace and scraped...