Aalborg White® CEM I 52,5 R

Product details

  • Produced in Sinai, Egypt
  • In Middle East Region, Africa, Russia, Latin America and South Asia, we provide 50/40/25Kg Bags, 1.5/2.0MT Sling bags, 1.5/1.7/2.0MT Jumbo bags; shrink wrapped pallets and bulk cement are served.


  • High Whiteness
  • High Strength
  • High Early strength
  • High Consistency in quality
  • Low Alkali

Product Overview

The cement conforms to national/regional standards in the market served.

Aalborg White® CEM I 52,5 R     Made in Egypt
Physical Properties Strength (MPa) 1 Day 29
2 Days 42
28 Days 67

Initial Setting time

Mins 125
Whiteness Hunter L 93
Fineness m2/kg 460
Chemical Properties SO3 % 3,4
Alkalies as Na2O % 0,5
CA3 % 6
Loss on ignition   3,5


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