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Bang & Olufsen Main Building - Denmark


Organic concrete
In the Bang & Olufsen main building in Struer, Denmark a combination of carefully textured formwork and a specially developed surface treatment creates a unique concrete surface texture.

The resulting expression is almost organic, like a fabric attached to a light frame, and gives the in-stu cast wall a light, soft quality. The light falling from above pronoun-ces the minor surface variations and enhances the effect.

The cantina
The soft-textured white concrete wall is the only organic-textured element in a room otherwise dominated by smooth, uniform surfaces. The lack of curtains or other softening elements, such as upholstered furniture, enhances the effect.

The organic wall acts as a natural extension of nature outside, and brings the landscape into the room.

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The abundant lighting ensures that the white concrete appears sparkling white, adding a sense of air and space to the room.

Comparing this and the previous image, the intimate relationship between the atmosphere of the room and the ambience of surrounding nature is obvious.

The staircase
In the staircase and hallway, the concrete surfaces appear more conventionally smooth and uniform.

Coming from above, the light is reflected from the white concrete surface, resulting in the pleasantly warm hue of the light in the hallway and staircases.

The effect is accentuated by the diffuse overhead lighting.

Floating and transparent
The building is a floating, semi-transparent, rectangular shape, a balance between lightness and heaviness.

The large glass surfaces both reflect and transmit light and the impression of the surrounding landscape.

This expression is reflected in the interior, both by the light, soft surfaces of white concrete, and the abundance of natural lighting.

Images by courtesy of Ib Sørensen.

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